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More Info on 3D Inspection Services

Part to Part Comparison

Part to Part Comparison or Part to CAD Comparison

Benefits of Using 3D Scanners for Your QC Process:

          • Quickly compare as-built to as designed effectiveness
          • Find and repair manufacturing defects
          • Measure cross-sections
          • Locate Warpage
          • Identify areas in and out of tolerance report

Quality 3D Inspection services using 3D scanning is a fast way to compare as-built physical objects. It defines the physical object that is used for measurement, inspection, comparison and reporting design to generate impactful inspection reports. Easily uncovering surface deviations such as warpage, tooling deterioration and other manufacturing defects.

Whether you are inspecting industrial equipment or performing first article inspection, X2 Metrology™ has the tools you need to complete your project. Our engineers understand all your manufacturing process requirements, from prototyping to production, we can help you identify where problems may originate. Our detailed reports show you exactly where deviations exist, saving you time and money over traditional inspection techniques.

Even one-time services such as quality inspection can help you realize the benefits of a more cost effective, rapid, and efficient manufacturing process. The assurance of knowing your object is created to its design intent will give you a competitive advantage only 3D scanning can offer.

X2 Metrology™ uses advanced software programs to generate 3D color maps, first article inspection reports, statistical process reports and 3D models for computer simulation and analysis programs, clearly indicating out of tolerance conditions with far more clearness than traditional CMM reports. 2D analysis can be performed by generating cross-sectional slices and whisker plots.