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What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is something that has gained a lot of momentum over the recent years. The latest technologies are offering to manufacturers that make’s life simpler lowering customer’s cost of quality and speeding products to market. This kind of scanning is done using the device called a 3D scanner, which analyses the objects or the environment in the real world in order to create point clouds of organic shapes or geometric samples on the surface of the subject. The data which is accumulated by the scanner called point clouds is then used in constructing of the models which are three dimensional and give a very real-life like experience.

Application of the 3-D Scanning

The data which is captured by the scanners can be applied for various purposes. For example, automotive, aerospace, medical, art/science, consumer products’ and plastic industries. There are other areas where 3D scanning is widely used and these include NDT testing, reverse engineering, quality control, prototyping, orthotics, industrial designing, prosthetic’s, preservation of architectural assets or dimensional inspection of a range of parts from sheet metal to small intricate medical devices.

Technologies used in creation of 3-D Devices

They’re a range of technologies that are used in creating of these devices. Every technology that is used for this purpose is accompanied with limitations and their own costs and benefits. Some of the examples of the technologies used in three-dimensional scanners are non-contact structured-light, hand-held laser scanners and non-destructive  industrial metrology grade CT Scanner (computed tomography scan).

Mechanisms used for performing 3D Scanning

Most often, there are two kinds of methods that are used in 3D laser scanning. These include triangulation and secondly, sending the laser light beam to the surface of an object directly.

3D scanning, has basically, changed the way things are looked at and it has given a very life-like experience in any environment. We understand every project is different, X2 Metrology offers different options for how your object is formed to gathering millions of point cloud data for first-article of inspection or looking to acquire 3D digital data to build a cad model for reverse engineering. 3D Scanners has helped increase manufacturing efficiency and product quality. If you have any questions you should just ask your service provider and they will be happy to help you. You can always ask us questions @ 248-714-0001