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The Science of 3D Scanning using an optical 3D scanner. Optical 3D Scanning is based on triangulation, it projects a fringe pattern (structured light) with two cameras on your part just as easy taking a picture from a camera phone. After the scan is complete the software then calculates millions of points within seconds with the final output a clean STL (Standard Tessellation Language).

Find out critical deformation areas / Trim edge point / Surface points / Patterns / Verify tool / Hole position (slots) / Plate shapes /  Complex forming problems 

Improve your product quality and reduce the prototype developing. With 3D Scanning, you would be able to capture the entire geometry have instant analysis highlighting CAD deviation with easy to read colormap. Are you struggling to accurately inspect stamped or machined components, molds, dies, or castings? For part approval manufactures require sample size to make a part acceptance decisions, generally 5-45 measured total samples. CMM’s (Coordinate-Measuring Machine) are irreplaceable in precision engineering but their slowness prevents them becoming part of the automated full-scale inspection systems. With CMM’s it implements a contact force between touch probe and measured object. This force sometimes deform objects, in which makes 3D Scanning a preferred choice in the automotive industry for an automated environment. We believe this provides an opportunity that make more effective buy-off decisions for both internally produced parts and from external suppliers. 3D Scanning enables manufacturers to get buy-offs more quickly that generate revenues by getting into production faster.

We would like to know what your process is like in your quality control department. Please email us and tell us what works and or what you’re struggling with? I’ll take the top results and post a follow-up blog and maybe we can help someone shorten their QC process.